Getting a Little Serious

  I had a different post all lined up and ready to go today, but in light of recent events I felt  like there were more important things to be said. Then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t post anything today, because this is a fashion blog and has nothing to do with the tragedies […]

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Not in Kansas Anymore

Welcome back friends! Im excited to continue the travel diary of my road trip! The second destination was in Kansas City (which apparently is not in Kansas- seriously didn’t realize that until planning this trip..hmm maybe I shouldn’t admit that?) We were lucky enough to enjoy this fabulous city for two nights on the way […]

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Road Trippin’

Last summer I had the opportunity to go on a cross country road trip with my mom after graduation! Usually when I tell people that we drove from Atlanta, GA to Boulder, CO they look at me like I am insane, but let me tell ya… It was incredible! A year later I still can […]

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A Little About Moi!

The purpose of “dressedandimpressed” is inspiring other young adults how to “dress” exactly how they want and be “impressed” with the prices they can snag great clothing items at! Other topics that I will be focusing my blog around include: being crafty and DIYs, college life (from the commuter perspective), and other life hacks and tips on how to be a young girl trying to ‘adult’.

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